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Chocolate Peanut

Research has shown that brain chemistry, genetics, personalities and environmental factors can all play a role in a person’s ability to focus. 

Dark Cocoa Raspberry

The TRIM bar , our Tasty, Inbetween Meal Replcaement has three major formulations: Nutritional Density, Hunger Blocking and Good Feelings. 

Focus 4 Kids!
Chocolate Strawberry

Have you ever asked yourself why your child at times has a difficulty concentrating and focusing?

Chocolate Peanut Tart Cherry

The HEAL barHealing Energy Active Lifestyle (v2.3) contains the active ingredient Moringa Oleifera that acts against free radicals. High levels of free radicals may cause oxidative stress. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Berry

The FIT (For Intense Training) bar was engineered with your health and workout in mind.

Focus Sport
Peanut Butter Chocolate

Optimal clarity is a combination of calm and focus. FOCUS Sport(v1.3) supports the brains natural ability to keep you focused under stress.

Chocolate Mint

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 85% of all doctor visits are stress related.

Chocolate Mocha Crunch

Helping you burn fat and satisfy your nutritional needs all at once.

Music City
Decadent Chocolate Raspberry

We are honored to pay homage to Nashville (Music City) by creating a healthy snack bar as rich in taste as Nashville is in music. Whether you are drinking a glass of red wine, a bowl of vanilla icecream, or a cup of coffee, the Music City Bar pairs perfectly.

What's in the bar? Raw, unfiltered honey with absolutely no processed sugar of any type in this bar. and low glycemic house-made chocolate. Each ingredient is certified USDA organic including our fresh-made almond butter and custom crafted house-made chocolate. So indulge yourself on the guilt-free Music City Bar!

Immune Bar
Cocoa Tangerine

We are living in historical times.  Regardless of how COVID 19 plays out globally, or in the United States, we all want to be ready if our body is invaded by any virus.

Chocolate Espresso

Java the Perfect Pair for Coffee Drinkers Java is a true “one of a kind” brownie bar. The world has been enchanted by coffee for millenia. While there are a myriad of desserts to eat with coffee, a very small percentage are actually healthy for you. All of that has changed with Java… aah.

Dark Chocolate Berry

As women we want to feel good about our relationships, health, and our lives. Daily nutrition plays a major role in helping this happen.

Chocolate Almond

The MAN bar stabalizes the glucose levels in your blood allowing you to maintain high energy throughout the day.